• Custom Printed Tapes & Labels

    These labels offer excellent durability and moisture resistance. This product utilizes Adhesive P1212, which is a high clarity general purpose acrylic emulsion that exhibits good initial tack, excellent die cutting properties, minimal cold flow, and good UV resistance.

  • Custom Printed Tapes & Labels

    These labels are made from a flexible and conformable clear vinyl material that offers durability and moisture resistance. They utilize Adhesive R3500, which is designed for use on smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, and plastic. This adhesive also offers excellent UV resistance, good initial tack, and long term adhesion with clean removability.

  • Custom Printed Tapes & Labels

    This product is a consistent, smooth, top coated film designed to exhibit immediate destructibility on many surfaces. These materials utilize Adhesive 350, which is designed to permanently bond to high and low surface energy plastics, textured and contoured surfaces, powder coatings, and slightly oily metals.

  • Custom Printed Tapes & Labels

    This is a series of vibrant colored print-receptive fluorescent vinyl and polyester films coated with a variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives and backed with roll label or sheet form release liners.

  • MMB Brushed Mylar

    With the perfect aesthetics and durability, this product is ideal for heavy equipment nameplate/brand identity labels. With these you will easily be able to identify the product and its manufacturer as well as display graphic images that reinforce product branding and product quality. The films are able to resist a variety of environmental stresses and end uses while maintaining a secure bond for the life of the product.

  • Custom Printed Tapes & Labels

    These labels are durable, high performance materials that offer excellent thermal stability and moisture resistance.

  • Custom Printed Tapes & Labels

    These labels are unique self-wound repositionable printable label products the white bond features a modified version of T1055 dispersion adhesive. It has a unique ability to adhere to a wide variety of papers, films, corrugated plastics, glass and metal surfaces and removes cleanly. This product is also available with a gray backside coating which is ideal for many applications requiring a high opacity or security.

  • Label Stock

    This paper tape is made from white, lignin-free, on-machine coated, super calendared, semi-gloss paper. The multipurpose label paper is used for high-quality multicolored labels requiring good print definition and fine detail. Our semi-gloss paper tape label stock is equipped with RP51, modified acrylic dispersion permanent adhesive. This paper tape provides very good adhesion on a wide variety of substrates.


    This paper tape is constructed from Raflasilk Opaque, White, lignin-free, on-machine coated, semi-gloss paper with reverse side coating. Our multipurpose label paper tape can be used for high-quality multicolor labels good for 'block out' applications. Our SGOP white semi-gloss paper tape is equipped with a RP51, modified acrylic, dispersion permanent adhesive. It provides very good adhesion on a wide variety of substrates.