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  • duct-gaffer

    Application Ideas: Packaging, Bundling, Sealing, Seaming, Repairing, Holding and Waterproofing. 

  • duct-gaffer

    Application Ideas: Cargo pit applications for freight carrying aircraft, Challenging applications where high adhesion and flame resistance is critical, Seaming and repairing cargo compartment liners, Covering pins & rivets, General purpose patching, sealing and bundling.


    Various uses in the construction and maintenance of nuclear power facilities where vapor barriers are essential such as sealing HVAC metal duct work, holding labels or signs on stainless steel pipes, color coding, sealing end caps on stainless steel pipe with outside exposure.

  • duct-gaffer

    Polyethylene coated cloth tape with an aggressive natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. Product is designed to answer the need for an economical approach to applications.