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Grit Safety Tape helps to prevent injuries caused by falling or slipping on ladders, stairs, ramps and more. This tape is created with a coarse mineral coating that allows for excellent traction.

Unit of Measure

Nominal Values

Shelf Life

N/A 1 year from date of purchase (when stored at 72 °F, 50% relative humidity)


Total product 0.0275 ±4%


Rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive No. 408 coated (1) one side, dry coating weight 2.0 mils ±10%

Release Liner

Kraft coated (1) one side, 78 lb. brown paper, typical maximum 60 grams/inch release (1) one side.

Peel Adhesion

PSTC-1 modified, 180° peel values ounces per linear inch, typical 72°F on stainless steel.
Immediate 80 oz./l. in.
24 hour 130 oz./l. in.