A 1.0 mil (25 micron) polyester film differentially coated with two separate acrylic adhesives. The liner side is a controlled tack adhesive system to allow the end user easy removal with no residue. The exposed side is an aggressive, high tack, high peel formulation. Both adhesives are excellent in low temperatures as well as normal and are resistant to UV, moisture, solvents, mild acids, oil, and grease. Excellent adhesion to metal, glass, films, paper, and some treated polyolefin.
Unit of Measure


Type of Film

N/A Polyester

Technical Data

Adhesive Thickness

N/A 2.0 mil0.002 in0.0508 mm

Substrate Thickness

N/A 1.0 mil0.001 in0.0254 mm

Peel Adhesion Width (Liner Side) (PSTC-1)

N/A 12 oz/in3.4 N/2.5 cm

Test Method for Liner and Exposed Side Peel Adhesion Width


Peel Adhesion Width (Exposed Side) (PSTC-1)

N/A 40 oz/in11.3 N/2.5 cm N

Shear Adhesion Time at 2.2 Pound per Square Inch (psi) Presure (PSTC-7)

N/A 1 hr

Shear Adhesion Time at 15.2 Kilopascal (Kpa) Pressure (PSTC-7)

N/A 1 hr

Test Method for Shear Adhesion


Tensile Width (PSTC-31)

N/A 15 lb/in2.6 N/cm

Test Method for Tensile Width



N/A 100 %

Maximum Continuous Use Temperature

N/A 250 ºF121 ºC

Minimum Application Temperature

N/A 0 ºF-18 ºC
Release Liner1 N/A 74 lb121 g/m²



N/A Primarily use where removability of foam or other products from substrates is required, i.e., signs and nameplates.
  • 1 Bleached poly-coated desnsified kraft