PVC Industrial Foam is engineered to provide a cost-effective solution to your most demanding sealing and cushioning requirements. This closed cell polyvinyl chloride foam can be produced with or without adhesive.

Unit of Measure



N/A Water-Based Acrylic


N/A Black Brown Charcoal Gray Natural White


N/A 1/16" to 1"
Length1 N/A 7 to 300 ft


N/A 7 lbs./cu. ft.

Shore Hardness "00"

N/A 25

Force to Compress 25%

N/A 3.6 psi

Compression Deflection

N/A 1.3 psi

Water Absorption

N/A 3%

Tensile Strength

N/A 30 psi


N/A 190%

Shelf Life

N/A Foam Seal PVC Foam has a shelf life of two (2) years from the date of manufacture without adhesive and six (6) months with adhesive, as indicated by the lot number, when stored at or below 75°F.

Performance Characteristics


Performance Characteristics Construction
Remains flexible at 20°C to 80°C HVAC
Resistant to most solvents and chemicals Retail
Fire resistant per FMVSS 302 Industrial
Ultraviolet resistant
Seals out light, air, dust and moisture Substrates
Cushions against vibration and noise 90 # paper
2.0 mil polyester film
Adhesive 1.5 mil aluminum
Water-based acrylic
Good initial tack and high shear Colors
Excellent resistance to plasticizers Standard
Builds bond strength overtime Black
Recommended for most industrial applications Gray
Special (minimums apply)
Industries Brown
Transportation Natural
General Assembly White
Appliance Charcoal

  • 1 The availability of log lengths is dependent upon foam thickness.