A flatback paper product, coated with a high shear resistant natural rubber/resin adhesive on both sides that bond equally as well to almost any surface. #591 is applied to a white colored easy release treated crepe paper liner to allow for either machine or hand application. This product had become a recognized standard in the manufacture and repair of golf club grip application.
Unit of Measure

Nominal Values


N/A Bleached Flatback

Adhesive Material

N/A Natural Rubber Resin


N/A Natural

Adhesion to Steel Strength (Width) (PSTC-1)

N/A 52 oz/in

Adhesion to Steel Strength (PSTC-1)

N/A 14.2 N/25 mm

Test Method for Adhesion to Steel


Quick Stick to Steel Strength (Width) (PSTC-5)

N/A 20 oz/in

Quick Stick to Steel Strength (PSTC-5)

N/A 5.5 N/25 mm

Test Method for Quick Stick to Steel


Tensile Strength (Width) (PSTC-31)

N/A 34 lb/in

Tensile Strength (PSTC-31)

N/A 149 N/25 mm

Test Method for Tensile Strength


Elongation at Break (PSTC-31)

N/A 3.0 %

Test Method for Elongation


Total Thickness with Release Liner (PSTC-33)

N/A 12.0 mil0.30 mm

Total Thickness without Release Liner (PSTC-33)

N/A 7.0 mil0.178 mm

Test Method for Total Thickness


Maximum Temperature Resistance

N/A 93 ºC200 ºF



N/A Golf Club manufacture and Gold Grip replacement & repair, Photograph mounting, Carpet installation, Textile manufacturing ('twister room'), Steel-Rule Die (make-ready), and any application that requires two adhesive surfaces for joining.



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