It provides a very effective vapor and moisture barrier. It is highly conformable and resistant to aging, sun, water, fungus, bacteria, oil, acids, alkalies and corrosive chemicals. It provides good abrasion, impact and rupture resistance.
Unit of Measure


Backing Material

N/A Soft Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Surface Color

N/A Black Matte

Adhesive Material

N/A Rubber Based Adhesive

Total Thickness

N/A 20 mil0.50 mm

Adhesion to Steel

N/A 11 oz/in

Tensile Strength

N/A 32 lb/in

Elongation at Break

N/A 360 %

Temperature Resistance

N/A 14 to 176 ºF

Flame Resistance Grade

N/A UL510

Tape Features

N/A Heavy Duty



N/A For Pipe Wrap and Surface Protection - Provides electrical protection; protects pipe joints, conduit couplings for overhead or direct buried applications; excellent masking tape for hard chrome plating and anodizing.



N/A The physical properties listed above are typical test results obtained from a series of laboratory tests and should not be used for the purpose of writing specifications. Before using this product, user shall determine the suitability of the product for his/her use; and user assumes all risks and liabilities in connection therewith. All test procedures used are in accordance with ASTM and PSTC methods.