Part # 1001 silicone transfer adhesive is designed for high performance applications requiring chemical resistance, excellent bond strength and resistance to extreme temperatures (-300ºF to 500ºF). The 2 & 5 mil silicone adhesive is protected by two clear polyester film liners. Part # 1001 bonds well to metals, silicone foam, most plastics and low energy surfaces such as polyethylene and polypropylene.
Unit of Measure


Peel Adhesion Angle

N/A 180 º

Peel Adhesion

N/A 55 oz/in

Dwell Time

N/A 20 min

Extreme Continuous Operating Temperature

N/A -300 to 500 ºF-185 to 260 ºC


Industry Focus

N/A Aerospace Electronics Medical

Electrical Properties

Dielectric Strength at 2 Mils of Adhesive

N/A 1487 V/mil

Dielectric Strength

N/A 2974 V

Test Method for Dielectric Strength

N/A ASTM D-149

Dielectric Constant at 102 Hz

N/A 2.99

Dielectric Constant at 105 Hz

N/A 2.93

Test Method for Dielectric Constant

N/A ASTM D-150

Dissipation Factor at 102 Hz

N/A 0.0046

Dissipation Factor at 105 Hz

N/A 0.0025

Test Method for Dissipation Factor

N/A ASTM D-150

Volume Resistivity at 75 Volts (V)/mil

N/A 2.5 x 1015 ottm-cm

Test Method for Volume Resistivity

N/A ASTM D-257

Note for Electrical Properties

N/A NT 1001 silicone adhesive as a dry, cured self-supported mass: no film support



N/A 2 & 5 mil Pressure Sensitive Silicone Adhesive 2 mil Fluorosilicone Coated Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Liner Clear

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Performs in extreme temperatures
  • UV Resistant