A 7 mil (175 micron) thick white UV stable polyethylene film coated with a high quick stick, synthetic rubber based adhesive system. The adhesive has excellent shear strength and good high temperature resistance with clean removability from fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum after long term exposure.
Unit of Measure

Technical Data


N/A 8.2 mil0.205 mm

Peel Adhesion Width (PSTC-1)

N/A 27 oz/in7.6 N/2.5 cm

Test Method for Peel Adhesion Width

N/A PSTC - 1

Shear Adhesion Pressure at 24 Plus (+) Hours (hr) (PSTC-7)

N/A 10 psi69 kPa

Test Method for Shear Adhesion Pressure at 24 Plus (+) Hours (hr)

N/A PSTC - 7

Test Method for Tensile Width

N/A PSTC - 31

Elongation (PSTC-31)

N/A 400 %

Test Method for Elongation

N/A PSTC - 31

Temperature Resistance

N/A 175 ºF80 ºC

Minimum Application Temperature

N/A 40 ºF4 ºC

Water Vapor Transmission (WVTR)

N/A <0.3 perms


N/A Blue White


Tensile Width (PSTC-31)

N/A 19 lb/in85.9 N/2.5 cm

Film Type

N/A Ultraviolet (UV) Stable Polyethylene Film

Film Material

N/A Polyethylene



N/A Designed specifically for temporary hull attachment and patching of heavy gauge shrink film used in both the marine and manufactured housing industry. Also widely used for preservation sealing of canisters and other containers.