Our Low Density is an industrial PVC foam.
Unit of Measure


Gage Thickness

N/A 1/16 to <1/8 in1/8 to <3/16 in3/16 to 1 in

Gage Tolerance (±) at 1/16 Inch (in) to Less than 1/8 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 20 %

Gage Tolerance (±) at 1/8 Inch (in) to Less than 3/16 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 15 %

Gage Tolerance (±) at 3/16 Inch (in) to 1 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 10 %

Roll Width

N/A 2 to 52 in3/16 to <2 in

Roll Tolerance (±) at 3/16 Inch (in) to Less Than 2 Inch (in) Width

N/A 1/32 in

Roll Tolerance (±) at 2 Inch (in) to 52 Inch (in) Width

N/A 1/16 in


N/A ≤50 ft>50 ft

Tolerance at Less than a Equal to 50 Feet (ft) Length

N/A -0 + 6 in

Tolerance at Greater than 50 Feet (ft) Length

N/A -1 + 2 %

Density at 1/16 Inch (in) to Less than 1/8 Inch (in) Size

N/A 7.0 to 10.0 lb/ft³

Density at 1/8 Inch (in) to Less than 3/16 Inch (in) Size

N/A 6.0 to 9.0 lb/ft³

Density at 3/16 Inch (in) to 1 Inch (in) Size

N/A 5.5 to 8.5 lb/ft³

Test Method for Density

N/A ASTM D-1667

Adhesion Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Minimum Adhesion

N/A 12 oz/in

Test Method for Adhesion

N/A ASTM D-1000

Note for Product Specification

N/A Foam without adhesive or liner unless noted. Specifications based on a sample size of three to five. Testing to these specifications may be dependent on the specific application. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Foam Material

N/A Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Shelf Life of Foam Seal with Adhesive1 N/A 6 m
Shelf Life of Foam Seal without Adhesive2 N/A 2 y

Industry Standards

N/A ISO ISO-9001 without Design Registered Company TS-16949

Information for Reference Only

Hardness (Shore "00") Value

N/A 20 to 40

Test Method for Hardness (Shore "00")

N/A ASTM D-2240

Force to Compress Size

N/A ≥1/4 to 1 in1/16 to 1/4 in

Force to Compress at 1/16 Inch (in) to 1/4 Inch (in) Size

N/A 1.0 to 4.0 psi

Force to Compress Greater Than Equal to 1/4 Inch (in) to 1 Inch (in) Size

N/A 0.5 to 3.5 psi


N/A 0.5 to 2.5 psi

Test Method for Compression/Deflection

N/A ASTM D-1667

Maximum Water Absorption

N/A 12 %

Test Method for Maximum Water Absorption

N/A ASTM D-1056

Tensile Type


Minimum Tensile Strength for DIE A

N/A 15 psi

Test Method for Tensile

N/A ASTM D-412

Minimum Elongation with Adhesive

N/A 50 %

Minimum Elongation without Adhesive

N/A 80 %

Test Method for Elongation

N/A ASTM D-412


N/A Self-Extinguishing

Test Method for Flammability

N/A MVSS 302

Note for Reference Only

N/A The information provided in the above table is not intended for use in preparing specifications. Information for reference is intended as a general guideline only. Typical values based on a sample size of three to five.



N/A Foam Seal Low Density is an economical general purpose foam. Low Density foam is used for applications requiring a seal for tight radius curves. Low density remains pliable at temperatures of -20 ºC to 78 ºC.

Back Stripping

Back Stripping

N/A Also known as reverse wrapping. Foam seal manufactures the foam with the adhesive side exposed. The length is determined with the foam used in this manner. When the use requires the adhesive side to be against the paper, the product has to be reverse wrapped so the uncoated foam is exposed. This causes a loss of yield in length. The reason for this loss is that the configuration of the foam is changed because the foam is compressed onto a shorter length of liner. The loss will be equal to the outer circumference of the material minus 10 inches.



N/A Product shelf life begins on the date of production as referenced by the lot number. Foam Seal Density has a shelf life of 6 months with adhesive and 2 years without adhesive when stored at or below 75 ºF.

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A We believe that the information provided is a true and accurate description of the typical characteristics of the aforementioned product; however, it is the responsibility of the individual user to thoroughly test the product in their specific application to determine performance, efficiency and safety.
  • 1 1" x 1" x 1000 g
  • 2 1" x 1" x 500 g